The Howard County Board of Commissioners met in Regular Session on Monday, July 7, 2003, at 8:30 a.m. in Hearing Room No. 338 of the Howard County Administration Center.  Those in attendance included President Bradley J. Bagwell, Vice President John B. Harbaugh, and Member Paul J. Raver.  Also present were County Attorney Larry Murrell, and Auditor Martha Lake.  Personnel Administrator Wanda McKillip was unable to attend this meeting.


The meeting was called to order by Sheriff Marshall Talbert and conducted by President Bradley J. Bagwell.


The minutes from the last regular meeting held on June 16th, and the Executive Session held on June 24th, 2003 were considered.  There being no additions or corrections, Mr. Raver made a motion to approve the minutes as submitted.  Mr. Harbaugh seconded the motion, and it carried.




                1.     Resolution No. 2003-BCC-11 – an Emergency Proclamation:  (See page 9, attached, “In the Matter of Miscellaneous Commissioner Issues, Item 7, for related discussion)  Beginning July 4th, Howard County was plummeted with a severe thunderstorm leaving 10 inches of rainfall in its wake.  Additional showers and thunderstorms were expected to continue over the next several days.  Numerous homes are flooded, citizens evacuated and damages to the infrastructure have occurred.  The Commissioners met in an Emergency Session to discuss declaring an emergency situation.  State and Federal Funds are needed to facilitate the reconstruction and reimbursement activity related to the storm.  The Mayor of Kokomo will be generating a similar proclamation.  Emergency Management Director Larry Smith will forward the City and County proclamations onto the State.  Mr. Smith encouraged all departments within the County to keep track of accrued overtime hours, rental equipment, equipment use, or damages resulting from the storm.


Mr. Harbaugh made a motion to approve Emergency Proclamation Resolution No. 2003-BCC-11.  Mr. Raver seconded the motion, which carried.


Mr. Raver made a motion to authorize President Bagwell to sign any necessary documents on behalf of the Commissioners with reference to the Emergency Proclamation.  Mr. Harbaugh seconded the motion, and it carried.


                2.     The Commissioners recognized and commended the Highway Department, Sheriff’s Department and all those who helped rescue citizens from flooded residential areas and waterways.




Mr. Ted Cain, Howard County Highway Engineer/Superintendent presented the following issues for Commissioner information and approval:


1.        Paving the County Roads:  The paving project is near completion.  This season’s chip and seal program will begin once the roads are cleaned up from the recent storms.  Due to the current economy, more roads will need to be chip and sealed.  In addition, many of the roads that were paved five years ago need to be chip and sealed in order to protect them.


2.        Storm Damage Assessment:  Several bridges and culverts were washed out during the storm.  Mr. Cain proposes to hire a contractor to repair the bridge at 594 West and 260 South that is washed out.  The cost estimate for the bridge work is approximately $250,000.   The following bridges and culverts were closed:


Bridge/Location                                               Status


200 East                     @ 275 South                 Mohr Construction to repair the bridge.

250 South                  @ 725 West                  Scheduled to open today.

680 West                   @ 350 South                 Scheduled to open soon.

50 East                       @ 500 North                  Should be open today.

594 West                   @ 250 South                 Remove concrete structure & replace with metal

                                                                            pipe structure.             

                        560 West                   @ 100 South                 Approach is damaged.  While there will do

                                                                                                    needed concrete work &

                                                                                                    new deck.

                        820 West                   @100 South                  Closed.

                        80 South                    Near 560 West              Closed.

                        Sycamore Road        @ 1150 West                Closed.


                3.     Placing Tile in 600 North Right-of-way:  (See page 7, June 16th minutes, “In the Matter of Commissioner Issues”, Item 2, for related discussion)  A request was received from Allen I. Wiggington, 2123 West 600 North, to install a drainage tile in the right-of-way on the Howard County side of 600 North to drain water away from his septic system.  The Commissioners referred the request to Highway Superintendent Ted Cain for evaluation and a recommendation.  Mr. Cain stated he does not have a problem with placing the tile in the right-of-way as long as the property owner maintains the tile.




Sheriff Marshall Talbert presented the following issues for Commissioner information and approval: 


                1.     The new generator purchased from MacAllister Engine Power functioned well at the Criminal Justice Center during a power outage due to the recent storms.  The generator supplied power to the radios and necessary electrical systems.  Last week, representatives from MacAllister conducted a training session for the Maintenance Department, Sheriff’s Department Maintenance Employee Art Frost, and Shift Commanders. 


The new generator has a self-contained fuel tank, several hundred gallons in size.  The fuel tank has a heater to prevent the diesel fuel from thickening during the winter.  The former generator used fuel from an underground storage tank that is no longer in service.  The remaining diesel fuel will be pumped out.  Art Frost is going to have the fuel tested to find out if it is still usable. 


3.        Sheriff Talbert commended Maintenance Superintendent Tom Harrison’s staff.  The storm caused a power outage.  An electrical surge blew the fuses in the air conditioning system.  The dispatchers were handling numerous emergencies, working in 86-degree heat.  Mr. Harrison’s maintenance personnel quickly responded to help restore the air conditioning.


4.        Sheriff Department’s Automobile Mechanic Larry Huffer has retired.  Due to Mr. Huffer’s amount of accrued vacation and leave time, the position cannot be filled until September 2003.  Currently the Sheriff’s Department has three vehicles out of operation due to getting wet from the high water.  Due to the mechanical needs of the department, Sheriff Talbert is considering using part-time money to pay a mechanic until one can be hired full time in September.


5.        Storm Weather Damages: 


a.        Sheriff Talbert was interested in obtaining further information regarding eligibility of Federal funds to pay for the needed repairs to the three vehicles out of service due to storm related damage. 


b.       Problem with Access to the Jail:  Street access to the Criminal Justice Center was blocked by high water after the storm.  Berkley Road was flooded to the north.  The viaduct crossing over Markland Ave. was flooded.  The intersection of Park Road and Markland Ave. was also under water.  Though the excessive rain that fell on the community was rare, Sheriff Talbert said it would be beneficial to the County if one or more of these accesses were improved.


6.        Take Home Cars:  Two deputies that live in Galveston have take-home cars.  Recently, Sheriff Talbert discovered that the previous administration allowed a deputy living in Logansport to take home a car.  Major Steve Rogers researched car policies with a number of other Sheriff Departments.  The Merit Rules state that deputies must have authorization prior to driving a vehicle outside of Howard County unless they are in the line of duty.  The previous administration had established an unwritten policy that deputies belonging to certain emergency response teams may reside outside Howard County and have a take-home car in the case of being called upon for an emergency response.  Sheriff Talbert felt that the Sheriff’s Department is not authorized to set policies regarding take-home cars since the vehicles are titled and registered in the name of the Howard County Board of Commissioners. 


Mr. Bagwell commented that take-home cars serve as a deterrent and provide quick response time within Howard County.  The cars are not providing the same level of service when they are taken outside of the county.  Mr. Bagwell assumed it was an established policy that take-home cars can travel outside the county when an officer is on official business.


This issue was tabled until the next meeting to provide an opportunity to research whether there were any previous local, written policies establishing perimeters for the cars.


7.        Purchase of New Cars:  (See page 2, June 16th minutes, “In the Matter of Sheriff Department Issues”, Item 4, for related discussion) 


a.     Quotes from two automobile dealerships have been received by the response date of July 7th.  Because a specific time was not set Sheriff Talbert said some quotes could be delivered by mail later in the day.  A decision was made to hold off presentation of the quotes until the next meeting.


b.       Neil Munsey, Sales Representative from Erics Chevrolet, extended an offer for the Sheriff’s Department to borrow three demonstration cars as needed, however they would need portable radios for communication.  Sheriff Talbert felt only one loaner car would be necessary.  Technically, a simple loan of a vehicle is not a good idea.  This type of arrangement would require a lease to safeguard both Eric’s and the County.  To expedite the purchase of the new vehicles, a motion was made by Mr. Harbaugh to hold a Special Meeting on Thursday, July 10th, 2003 at 9:00 a.m., in room 338  to review quotes for police vehicles and also address any business regarding flood related matters.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Raver and it carried.


8.        2003 Annual Sheriff’s Auction:  (See page 7, attached, “In the Matter of Claims and Reports”, Item 5, for related discussion) Auctioneer Cartwright Ellis has requested to meet with Mr. Raver and Mr. Harrison to discuss items in the upcoming Sheriff’s auction.  Sheriff Talbert mentioned the department has an old bus and step van to place in the auction.




Assistant Plan Commission Director, James R. Hunter, presented the following issues for information and approval:


                1.     Case 11-CP-03 – one (1) lot in Eastfork Castle Subdivision located at 10192 East 400 South was considered.  Mr. Harbaugh made a motion to grant approval to Case 11-CP-03.  Mr. Raver seconded the motion, which carried.


                2.     Case 20-CP-03 – one (1) lot in Kim’s Subdivision located at 419 South 1100 East was approved on a motion made by Mr. Raver, seconded by Mr. Harbaugh, and carried.


                3.     Case 63-CP-02 – three (3) lots in Arnold Subdivision located at 1453 North 250 East was considered.  Mr. Raver made a motion to approve Arnold Subdivision.  Mr. Harbaugh seconded the motion, and it carried.


                4.     Case 23-CP-03 – one (1) lot in Woods View Subdivision located at 6720 West 90 South was approved on a motion made by Mr. Harbaugh.  The motion was seconded by Mr. Raver and carried to approve Case 23-CP-03.


Mr. Bagwell called a five-minute recess at 9:35 a.m.


The meeting reconvened at 9:40 a.m.




Maintenance Superintendent Thomas Harrison presented the following issues for Commissioner information and approval: 


                1.     Remodel Restrooms for Superior II:  Somehow the restrooms in the Superior II Court area were omitted from the Courthouse Renovation Project.  Mr. Harrison obtained estimates to remodel the restrooms:


                                        Place tile on the floor and ½ way up the walls                $ 1,900 to $2,000

                                        and wallpaper the remaining ½ to the ceiling.                


                                        Tile the floor and cover the walls entirely                        $400 to $1,200

                                        with wallpaper.


                                        Cover the floor and walls entirely with tile.                     $3,119


Following a brief discussion of the options and costs, Mr. Raver made a motion to authorize Mr. Harrison to proceed with having the restrooms remodeled using ceramic tile on the floor ½ way up the walls and wallpaper the other ½ of the walls, to be paid out of the Courthouse Renovation Fund.  Mr. Harbaugh seconded the motion, which carried.


                2.     Leak Issue at Courthouse:  The southeast corner of the basement survived the 10-inch rainfall with minimum leakage.  Mr. Harrison said a normal amount of rainfall might not cause leaks.  Mr. Raver commented that some of the moisture in the basement might be alleviated when repairs to the sidewalk at the south entrance are finished.  The canopy drains directly onto the ground next to the building’s foundation.


                3.     The basement in the Government Building, particularly the Emergency Management Office area, experienced a large amount of leakage from the 10-inch rainfall.  There was about 3-inches of water in the basement when the maintenance personnel arrived.  The water has been removed and fans are being used to help dry out the basement area.  Mr. Harrison suspects that the subsurface drain on the east side of the building is causing the problems.  He suggested performing an exploratory excavation to find the drain.  Mr. Harrison speculates that the drain does not have an operational check valve.  Mr. Harrison recommends replacing all of the carpet with vinyl floor tile and installing carpet on the walls in the Emergency Management Office to prevent resonance when the emergency radios are in use.


The Commissioners, by consensus, authorized Mr. Harrison to obtain cost estimates for the vinyl floor covering and use the Inmate Work crew to help remove the carpet.




Mr. William Bassett of William Bassett and Associates was unable to attend the meeting.  Maintenance Superintendent Thomas Harrison presented the following issues for Commissioner information:


·             The renovation work at the Courthouse is close to completion.  The contractor had set July 1st for the final paperwork and signing most of the construction releases. 


·             There are a few locks and doors to be changed in different areas of the building.


·             Some woodwork and touch-up painting needs to be completed.


·             The air conditioner in the new information systems room is installed and the ductwork is hoped to be completed this week.


·             Air conditioning problems are being experienced in Superior Court II.  Approximately 20 feet of old original ductwork will be replaced.  Most of the main ductwork in the attic of the building was not replaced during the remodeling.


*              *              *              *              *              *              *              *              *              *              *


·             Outdoor electrical boxes:  The Taste of Kokomo is scheduled on Saturday, August 16th, 2003.  Mr. Harrison advised that he is going to contact the United Way to advise them that the electrical boxes will remained locked.  Maintenance personnel are responsible for turning the electricity on and no one else is permitted to get into the boxes or cut off the locks.




Personnel Director Wanda McKillip was unable to attend the meeting due to her vacation schedule.  There were no issues to be presented.




Mr. Terry Tribby, Information Systems Manager, presented the following issues for Commissioner information:


                1.     Storm Damage Assessment: 


a.        Considering the magnitude of storms experienced in our area, Information Systems faired well.   Employees worked on the weekend to make sure the systems were up and running.  There were no major issues.  Connection was temporarily lost between the Courthouse and Kinsey Youth Center but it is back up and running.


b.       Building Accessibility:  Some power outage issues necessitated access into various facilities.  Mr. Tribby would like to discuss how to get into these facilities after work hours.


c.        The E-911 Dispatch Center computer system (not phone system) went down after the first storm for approximately 30 minutes.  Assistant E-911 Director Steve Kline received help by telephone and the system was running again in a short time.  Information Systems plans to study and complete a full evaluation of the problem cause. 


                2.     Honorable Circuit Court Judge Lynn Murray has a large trial set for July 21st.  A Judge Pro Tem will be handling Judge Murray’s extra workload in the new courtroom.  All of the computers and recording equipment are ready for use.  The new courtroom will be set up by the first part of next week.  Juvenile Court will move back upstairs because their court is ready. 


                3.     The Wireless duress systems will be installed in thee county facilities within the next two weeks.


                4.     Recorder’s Computer Issues:  (See page 6, June 16th, 2003 minutes, “In the Matter of the Recorder’s Office”, Item 3, for related discussion)  The Commissioners will be provided with further information on this issue after Mr. Tribby and Recorder Linda Koontz interview a another software vendor.




(See pages 4-5, June 16th, 2003 minutes, “In the Matter of Road 400 North Project – Purchase of Parcels” for related discussion)


Mr. James Hamilton from Butler, Fairman and Seufert, submitted three (3) right-of-way parcels designated to be purchased for the 400 North Project.  Mr. Hamilton requested authorization to proceed with purchasing Parcel Numbers 9, 10, and 13. 


There being no further discussion, Mr. Raver made a motion to approve the purchase of Parcel Numbers 9, 10, and 13, and authorize the President to sign on behalf of the Board.  Mr. Harbaugh seconded the motion, and it carried.




(See page 5, June 16th, 2003 minutes, “In the Matter of Howard Haven County Home” for related discussion)


Superintendent Kim Krieg submitted a proposal and marketing plan for adult day care services based on five (5) clients.  Five day care clients will generate $57,200 annually.  However, two part-time people will be needed at a cost of $20,280 per year, bringing the annual net income down to $36,920 as follows:


                    5 - Day Care Clients                 $5.50/hr.             @ 8 hr. per day                       $57,200

                    2 - Part-time Employees           $6.50/hr.             @ 6.5 hrs. per day                -  $20,280

                         Annual Net Income                                                                                           $36,920


Discussion was held about increasing the number of day care clients.  Ms. Krieg advised that the maximum ratio of staff workers to clients is 1 to 8 for Level 1 care.  The current proposal would accommodate a total of eight clients. Extra clients would necessitate hiring additional part-time workers.


Ms. Krieg said her budget does not include funds for marketing and advertising.  She suggested that the $3,000 appropriation in Furniture and Fixtures could be transferred into an account for advertising.


The Commissioners questioned whether miscellaneous needs such as insurance liability, medical care, nutrition requirements, activities, and schedules have been taken into consideration.


Currently there are six (6) full time residents; two (2) residents are self-pay at the rate of $33.62 per day and four (4) are funded by the ARCH Program at $27.00 per day.  Ms. Krieg anticipates an increase in residents when the freeze placed on the Assistance to Residents in County Homes (ARCH) is hopefully lifted sometime in July, 2003.  Ms. Krieg stated she would also like to advertise for self-pay residents.


Mr. Bagwell said an operation plan, client requirements, and cost of insurance coverage must be reviewed before advertising and marketing can be done.  In addition, the basic question should be addressed whether there is a need for this type of service in our community.  Mr. Bagwell made a suggestion to Ms. Krieg to contact other facilities and find out if their adult day care services are operating at capacity.  If those facilities have continual openings for new clients, perhaps there is not a great demand for this type of service in our community.  If eight day care clients cannot be found for Howard Haven, the Commissioners will not be able to justify keeping the facility open.  The funding situation for the year-2004 is not good.  Even if the Commissioners decide to keep the facility open, the County Council will need to be convinced if it is going to be feasible plan, especially since the proposal necessitates hiring new part-time employees.


Mr. Raver stated the deadline for the 2004 Budget is nearly here and a decision needs to be made as soon as possible.  The March 17th, 2003 minutes reflect when Commissioners first requested information and costs pertaining to adult day care.  About four months have passed and the Commissioners felt that very little progress has been made in providing the information.


*  *  *  Public Comments and Discussion *  *  *


Rev. Ruth Lawson, Director of the Salvation Army Coordinated Assistance Ministries, advised that her mother is afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease and resides in her home.  Rev. Lawson needed adult day care service for her mother in order to go to her job.  The adult day care service at the nursing home treats clients the same as being a full time resident in the facility.  Rev. Lawson felt the community would be very interested in adult day care service at Howard Haven. 


Rev. Lawson submitted a letter stating that former Howard County Home Client, Earl Dain, who was placed into Clinton County’s Parkview Home paying $628.00 per month.  In addition, the letter requested an extension of one month before closing Howard Haven to further research possibilities for filling and funding the home.


Ms. Charlene Bolton said she talked with the ARCH Director in Indianapolis two weeks ago and was advised that someone will visit the Division of Family and Children Offices on July 18th to discuss the status of the ARCH Program.  The ARCH Director had also mentioned there are about 3,000 people throughout the state on a waiting list for the program.  Mrs. Bolton suggested that Ms. Krieg should attend the meeting to gain further information about the status of the ARCH Program. 


Ms. Barbara McGimpsey said she works as a caregiver for elderly people.  In March 2003, she gave Ms. Krieg a list of prospective residents who need information about Howard Haven, but there has been no follow-up.  In addition, Ms. McGimpsey only inadvertently discovered an open house was held at the Howard Haven Home on June 14th.  Ms. McGimpsey works with a representative from the Area 5 Agency who is still waiting on some requested information about the home.  Ms. McGimpsey suggested ways to cut costs at the facility such as clipping grocery coupons and watching for sale advertisements in the newspaper.


William R. Grady has a sister who has resided at Howard Haven for approximately 20 years.  He complemented the facility but said it is not well promoted.  He felt more people need to be aware of the facility.


Mr. Bagwell thanked the citizens in the audience

for attending the meeting.


The proposal submitted by Ms. Krieg did not include cost estimates for all other expenses associated with adult day care service.  The Commissioners asked for a revised proposal showing the revenue, level of care, and all costs associated with eight day care clients (instead of five).  The Commissioners want to know exactly what is going to be done to meet the financial needs in order to keep the facility open. 


This issue was tabled, by consensus, until the next regular meeting scheduled on Monday, July 21st, 2003.






Grant Administrator Tina Mendenhall Henderson presented the following issues for Commissioner information and approval:


                1.     New London Conservancy District:  (See page 7, June 2nd, 2003 minutes, “In the Matter of Commissioner Issues”, Item 3, for related discussion) 


a.        Howard County received a grant in the amount of $28,500 from the Indiana Department of Commerce to study the New London Conservancy District Wastewater Treatment Plant and Collection System.  Ms. Henderson presented the semi-annual report to the Commissioners showing the planning grant is 60% complete.  The report states there is balance of $12,600 left in the planning grant.  This project is expected to close in November 2003.


                2.     Honey Creek Township Fire Department Grant:  (See pages 5-6, May 5th, 2003 minutes, “In the Matter of Honey Creek Township Fire Department Grant” for related discussion)  Honey Creek Township applied for a $150,000 grant to purchase a new pumper truck for the Honey Creek Volunteer Fire Department.


a.        A standard Sub-Recipient Agreement was presented for the County Attorney’s review.  This is an agreement between Howard County and Honey Creek Township on the disbursements of funds.  Any changes to this contract are required to go before the Indiana Department of Commerce.


b.       Two copies of the Grant Agreement must be signed and mailed to the Indiana Department of Commerce for signatures from the state.  The state will take at least four weeks to sign their portion of the grant agreement before sending it back. 


c.        The truck will be sent out for bids in the next two weeks.  It is a standard that fire truck companies want 50% up front and 50% at the end.  Ms. Henderson will present the first claim within the next five months and then an eight to ten month waiting period will follow while the truck is being constructed.  Honey Creek Township Trustee Robert Oiler plans to meet with Auditor Lake soon to discuss appropriations.


(The Commissioners asked if it makes any difference which Commissioner signs the grant documents when the President changes each year.  Ms. Mendenhall said from this point on, once the claims have been approved by the Commissioners, Auditor Martha Lake could be authorized as the second signature so she will be able to sign off on the claims for the reminder of both grants.)


Mr. Raver made a motion to approve Grant Agreement CF-00-138 for Honey Creek Township to purchase the new fire truck and authorize the President to sign on behalf of the Board.  Mr. Harbaugh seconded the motion, and it carried.


Mr. Raver made a motion to authorize the County Auditor to be the second signature on Grant Agreement CF-00-138 to insure continuity.  Mr. Harbaugh seconded the motion, which carried.


Mr. Raver made a motion to take the Honey Creek Township Sub-Recipient Agreement under advisement for the County Attorney to review.  Mr. Harbaugh seconded the motion, and it carried.


Mr. Harbaugh made a motion to approve the “Agreement Between Owner and Administrator” for Ms. Tina Mendenhall Henderson to serve as the Grant Administrator for the Honey Creek Volunteer Fire Department and authorize the President to sign on behalf of the Board.  Mr. Raver seconded the motion, and it carried.


                3.     Taylor Township Regional Sewer District:  Taylor Township RSD requests Howard County to serve as the lead applicant for a grant in the amount of $450,000 from the Indiana Department of Commerce to construct a wastewater treatment plant and collection system.  The estimated cost of the project is $4,135,270.  The District has received $955,000 in a Supplemental Wastewater Assistant Fund Grant.  If the County is successful in securing the Indiana Department of Commerce grant, a total of $1,405,000 of grant money will be secured for the project.


The Kokomo Regency Mobile Home Park has committed $150,000 to connect to the system.  Taylor Township RSD is in the process of securing a State Revolving Loan for the matching portion of this grant in the amount of $2,580,270.  The proposal is due on July 11th, 2003 and the final application is due September 5th, 2003.  The land has been secured for the project; however, about 400 easements need to be obtained.


A few documents need be completed such as I.D.E.M.’s approval of the preliminary engineering report. Also the State Revolving Loan must be secured and a public hearing held before September.  The District might not be able to meet the September 5th round; therefore they would have to go into the first round of January 2004.  With all of this in mind, Ms. Henderson recommended that the Commissioners approve the grant to go into the September 2003 round and the first round of 2004. 


Attorney Murrell asked if the County had any liability concerning this grant.  Ms. Mendenhall explained the State Revolving Loan is setup directly to the Sub-Recipient, Taylor Township RSD, and the County is not responsible for the project.  Mr. Bagwell asked what would happen if the RSD defaulted?  Ms. Mendenhall was unable to answer this question because the Taylor Township RSD was established prior to her involvement with the project.  She suggested that it would be in the best interest of the Commissioners’ to review how the Regional Sewer District is set up.


Mr. Harbaugh made a motion to authorize the President to sign on behalf of the Board, all documents associated with the request for a grant from the Indiana Department of Commerce regarding the Taylor Township Regional Sewer District.  Mr. Raver seconded the motion, and it carried.




Mr. Tom Harrold, owner of real estate Lot 24 and Lot 25 in Champagne Shores Subdivision, Section II, presented a “Petition For Vacation of Easement”.  A builder proposes to construct a house between the two lots that are separated by the drainage and utility easement.  Letters were obtained from the utility companies stating there were no objections to vacating the easement. 


Mr. Raver made a motion to accept the Petition For Vacation of Easement and set the hearing date for Monday, August 4, 2003 at 9:30 a.m. Hearing Room No. 338 of the Howard County Administration Center.  Mr. Harbaugh seconded the motion, which carried.




Director Jan Weaver presented the following issue for Commissioner information:


Many other detention facilities offer transportation to take juveniles to and from court.  Ms. Weaver feels that the Kinsey Youth Center would gain business by offering similar transportation.  After a conference with Circuit Court Judge Lynn Murray a decision was made to go ahead and add this component offering transportation services to other counties.  This service will raise the Per Diem for shelter care and secure detention by $10.00 each.  There is money in their 2003 Budget to accommodate the service; however there might be additional costs for gasoline contained in the 2004 Budget request.




Community Corrections Director Steve Maus presented a previously approved grant for Commissioners’ signatures.




Veteran’s Service Officer William Allen Polsgrove Jr. presented the following issue for Commissioner information and approval:


Currently Indiana Code 10-5-3-1 Section 1 (a) authorizes Howard County to pay $100 burial benefit to a veteran or the veteran’s spouse but not to both.  In addition there is a provision to reimburse up to $100.00 to offset the expense for a federally supplied (V.A.) headstone or grave marker.  Effective July 1st 2003, the State Legislature has authorized counties to reimburse up to $1,000 for both the burial and grave marker.  Mr. Polsgrove recommended that burial allowance should remain at $100 and not to exceed $200.00 for both the marker and burial expenses.


Ordinance No. BCC-2003-25, an Ordinance Fixing Veterans’ Burial Allowances was approved on a motion made by Mr. Raver, seconded by Mr. Harbaugh, and carried.




Howard County Auditor Martha Lake presented the following reports for Commissioner information and approval:


1.        Operating claims payable on July 7th, 2003 in the amount of $1,369,192.63 were approved on a motion made by Mr. Harbaugh, seconded by Mr. Raver, which carried.


2.        Commissioner’s Salary Claims for hourly, salary, and overtime payable for July 11th and July 18th, 2003 were approved on a motion made by Mr. Raver.  Mr. Harbaugh seconded the motion, and it carried.


3.        The Howard County Treasurer’s Report for the month of May 2003 was accepted on a motion made by Mr. Harbaugh, seconded by Mr. Raver, and it carried.


4.        The Howard County Council on Aging sent a letter thanking the Commissioners for sponsoring the flu shot program.


5.        The Howard County Public Auction Sale will be held on Saturday, July 19, 2002 at 10:00 a.m. at the County Highway Department, 625 S. Berkley Road.  Mr. Raver made a motion to confirm the execution of the sale contract with Auctioneer Cartwright Ellis and authorize the President to sign on behalf of the Board.  Mr. Harbaugh seconded the motion and it carried.








                1.     County Attorney Larry Murrell presented a claim for his monthly office allowance in the amount of $550 for July 2003.  Mr. Raver made a motion to approve payment.   Mr. Harbaugh seconded the motion and it carried.


                2.     County Attorney Larry Murrell presented a claim for quarterly litigation services rendered from April 1st to June 30th, 2003 in the amount of $220.00.  Mr. Raver made a motion to approve payment.  Seconded by Mr. Harbaugh, the motion carried.




The Board members carefully examined each line item, and addressed the anticipated cost increases.  The Board reached an agreement on line item needs and proposed requests.


a.        Salaries and Wages:  The salaries for Commissioners, Council, County Attorney, and Assistant County Attorney increased by 1%; the Personnel Administrator’s salary increased by 3%.


b.       Contractual Services:  There was discussion that fees for MS4 Contractual Services is an economic development issue and EDIT funds may be used.  The amount depends on how the County pursues plans for the future.  Surveyor Beryl Grimme included a staff person for $30,000.00 when he prepared his budget for 2004 in hopes that the Council will transfer a portion of the money out of Soil and Water Budget.  The Commissioners hope that the individual assigned to the position is a local resident that can start performing all of the duties assigned to MS4 including writing the meeting minutes.  The Commissioners decided to take $26,000.00 out of the proposed General Fund Line Item 3120.02 Other Services and Charges and place in the EDIT Budget under the same line item number.


c.        Travel Expenses:  The amount of travel expenses was calculated on a basis that only $41.28 used thus far in 2003.  The Commissioners decided to not make any changes to this amount.


d.       Mental Health:  There is a very large increase for the 2004-year.  Auditor Lake explained that $460,000.00 was allowed over the frozen levy for 2003.  This amount was under estimated.  With the new increased assessed values and the .0133 statutory required tax rate, the County should be collecting $579,000.00 this year.  Any monies not planned for would need to be expended from the General Fund in order to pay the hospital this year.  Auditor Lake previously talked to the State Department of Local Government Finance as well as the Finance Director at Howard Community Hospital.  The hospital will receive $460,000.00 this year and an additional approximate $120,000.00 plus whatever amount would be calculated for them to receive for 2004.


There being no further questions, Mr. Raver made a motion to approve the County Commissioners’ Budget for the year-2004 subject to removing the Line Item 3120.02 MS4 Contractual Services in the amount of $26,000.00.  Mr. Harbaugh seconded the motion, and it carried.




a.        Under Item 3, add Line Item 3120.02 MS4 Contractual Services in the amount of $26,000.00.


b.       US 31 Coalition:  Discussion was held that by contributing to the Coalition, the Commissioners would have more input as well as a seat on the Board.


c.        Computer Equipment:  There was a question whether computer equipment can be purchased out of the EDIT Fund.  Attorney Murrell advised that anything that can be purchased out of the Cumulative Capital Development Fund (CCD) may be purchased out of the EDIT Fund.


Mr. Raver made a motion to approve the 2004 Budget Request from the Economical Development Income Tax Fund with the addition of Line Item 3120.02 MS4 Contractual Services in the amount of $26,000.00.  Mr. Harbaugh seconded the motion, which carried.




a.        The E-911 Proposed 2004 Budget will subsidize dispatcher salaries for both the City and the County.

The County General Fund should receive $100,000 and $180,000 is planned to go to the City General Fund  in 2004.

b.       Mr. Raver recently attended the monthly meeting of Fire Chief’s of Howard County.  The Fire Chiefs

c.        expressed a strong interest in having one dispatcher dedicated strictly to fire dispatch.  Mr. Raver informed them there is no chance that this would occur in 2004.  Mr. Raver advised the Fire Chiefs that before a request could be considered, statistics would need to be composed to show there is a need for a separate fire dispatcher.


d.       Auditor Martha Lake advised that the E-911 Budget Request belongs to the Commissioners and is not

       required to go before the Council.  In order to keep the request separate during budget time, the      

       Commissioners decided to review for approval the E-911 Budget at the first meeting in January 2004.


Mr. Harbaugh made a motion to approve the request only for the E-911 Budget for the year-2004.  Mr. Raver seconded the motion, and it carried.






                1.     Mr. Bill Canady sent a letter to the Commissioners stating that he is available to assist the County in meeting any building and grounds maintenance, repairs or construction projects.  The Commissioners were in agreement to forward the letter onto Mr. Tom Harrison, Howard County Maintenance Superintendent.


                2.     Assignment of MS4 Operator:  (See page 7, June 16th, 2003 minutes, “In the Matter of Commissioner Issues”, Item 1, for related discussion) Surveyor Beryl (Jake) Grimme has agreed to serve as the MS4 Operator.  Mr. Raver made a motion to appoint Mr. Grimme to be the official MS4 Operator for Howard County.  Seconded by Mr. Harbaugh, the motion carried.


                3.     Rededication of the Courthouse:   A Rededication ceremony and recognition of all those who were involved with the Courthouse Renovation Project was scheduled at the end of the regular meeting on Monday, August 4, 2003 at 11:30 a.m., by consensus.


                4.     Don Travis requested to be on the next Commissioners’ meeting agenda to present a Kokomo Center School Grant.


6.        Greentown Volunteer Fire Department is in the process of applying for a grant to purchase a new truck and requested a letter of support from the Commissioners.  Mr. Bagwell said he would generate the letter to the Greentown Volunteer Fire Department.


7.        Emergency Situation:  Emergency Management Director Larry Smith returned to the meeting and advised the Mayor of Kokomo signed a proclamation declaring a city wide emergency situation.  The City and County proclamation together with a cover letter signed by Commissioner Bagwell and Mayor Trobaugh, will be sent to the Governor requesting a State of Emergency in Kokomo and Howard County.


There being no further business before the Board at this time, Mr. Raver made a motion to adjourn.  Mr. Harbaugh seconded the motion and it carried.  The meeting closed at 12:37 a.m.



                                                                                                     THE HOWARD COUNTY BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS




                                                                                                                BRADLEY J. BAGWELL, PRESIDENT




                                                                                                                JOHN B. HARBAUGH, VICE PRESIDENT




                                                                                                                PAUL J. RAVER, MEMBER








Commissioner Minutes, July 7, 2003