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As timely information is the key to prevention, intervention and control strategy, an information sharing computer network was developed to profile and identify “at-risk” children.   The system links together the five Howard County school corporations, juvenile probation, juvenile detention, law enforcement, prosecutor, human services, child protective services, and the juvenile court.  The system creates a database for easy reference of student profiles with input from all agencies.  In addition, a daily bulletin board is utilized as the best source of timely information. Various agencies are responsible for contributing information to the bulletin board.  Available each morning to all participating agencies are the juvenile custodies and detentions from the previous day, court actions, domestic violence complaints, substantiated abuse or neglect complaints, as well as any school actions.  Additionally, active runaways, the current juvenile court calendar, court dispositions and orders, a roster of juveniles being held in detention or residential care, and a list of school suspensions is available.


            The computer system is supported by stand alone personal computers using telephone modems.  The host computer, or server, utilizes a relational database and serves as a central repository for all information.  Each agency is able to extract information from the database through modem when information is needed.



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