*      Consideration for eligible juveniles to participate in the Howard Circuit Court, Juvenile Division, Drug Court shall be as follows:


*      Youth who have been adjudicated for offenses involving illegal substances (alcohol or drugs);


*      Youth who have been adjudicated for any criminal offense in which it is determined through a pre-dispositional assessment process that substance abuse is or has been a causal factor in their delinquency;


*      Youth who have been adjudicated a delinquent and are pending a disposition for a modification due to substance abuse issues;


*      Youth who are potential candidates for in-patient hospitalization due to substance abuse or addiction.


*      Youth who have completed an inpatient hospitalization or residential treatment program as a result of substance abuse issues.


*      Youth not eligible for participation in the Howard Circuit Court, Juvenile Division, Drug Court:


*      Youth who have been adjudicated of the following offenses:

Arson, FA; Arson, FB; Battery, FC; Child Molest, FA;  Child Molest, FB; Child Molest, FC; Criminal Confinement, FB; Criminal Confinement, FC; Criminal Deviate Conduct, FA; Criminal Deviate Conduct, FB; Criminal Recklessness, FC; Feticide, FC; Involuntary Manslaughter, FC; Involuntary Manslaughter, FD; Murder, F; Neglect, Child Selling, FB; Neglect, Child Selling, FD; Operating a  Vehicle While Intoxicated causing death, FC; Rape FA; Rape, FB; Robbery, FA; Robbery, FB; Voluntary Manslaughter, FA; Voluntary Manslaughter, FB;


*      Any forcible felony as defined by IC 35-41-1-11 which states “Forcible felony" means a felony that involves the use or threat of force against a human being, or in which there is imminent danger of bodily injury to a human being”;    


*      A Dealing offense as defined by IC 35-48-4;


*      Status offenses as defined by IC 21-37-2;


*      Youth who are not currently under the jurisdiction of the Howard Circuit Court. 











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