Program Fees


1.   Pursuant to 12-23-14.5-11 the Howard Circuit Court, Juvenile Division, Drug Court Program may apply and receive the following in support of this program:

A.     Gifts, bequests, and donations from private sources.

B.     Grant and contract money from governmental sources.

C.     Other forms of financial assistance approved by the court to supplement the court's budget.


Prior to the submission of any request for any of the aforementioned funding, the Juvenile Drug Court Team shall be advised of the request and approve any submission for funding for costs directly related to the operation of the Juvenile Drug Court Program.


2.   Pursuant to 12-23-14.5-12 the Howard Circuit Court, Juvenile Division, Drug Court Program may:

A.  Require an eligible individual to pay a fee for drug court services.
B.  If a fee is required, the court shall adopt by court rule a schedule of

fees to be assessed for drug court services.

      C.  The fee for drug court services may not exceed five hundred dollars

$500) per referral to the drug court.

D.     Per local ordinance, the Juvenile Probation Department shall collect fees

under this section. The Juvenile Probation Department shall transmit the

fees within thirty (30) days after the fees are collected, for  deposit by the

auditor or fiscal officer in the appropriate user fee fund established under

IC 33-19-8.


Any costs or fees ordered by the court pursuant to this section, shall be deposited in a separate user fee account established for the Juvenile Drug Court Program and be appropriated in accordance with Indiana Code and utilized to supplement any cost of the program including additional training as established through the ten (10) key components.  All fees assessed in this scenario, shall be collected by the Howard Circuit Court, Juvenile Probation Department and administered by the Chief Juvenile Probation Officer/Drug Court Coordinator.











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Program Fees