SAFEPOLICY stands for School Administrators For Effective Public Operation

Leading to Improved Children and Youth services.


The SAFEPOLICY committee, being developed as an inter-agency response network to identify at-risk youths, responds to the needs of our community in promoting programs to prevent delinquency.  It is a joint effort between:


Howard County Office of Family and Children

Eastern School Corporation

Howard County Circuit Court

Howard County Prosecutor’s Office

Howard County Sheriff’s Department

Kokomo Center Township Consolidated School Corporation

Kokomo Police Department

Northwestern School Corporation

Taylor School Corporation

Western School Corporation


The SAFEPOLICY Screening Team further acts as the Howard County Early Intervention Team in accordance with IC 31-34-24 and 31-37-24.


Who are At-Risk Youth?       

An At-Risk youth, in accordance with this program, is a youth that has at least three (3) identifiers from three (3) separate agencies.  The at-risk identifiers are:


Attendance Problems at school

Discipline Problems at school

Academic Problems at school

Placement in Alternative School setting

Placement in Emotionally Handicapped classes

Retained/Not Promoted

Substantiated Abuse or Neglect

Parents on AFDC contract with the Howard County OFC

Domestic Violence occurring in the home

Substance Abuse on behalf of parent

Age vs. Violent Offense

Contact with the Juvenile Probation Department

Custody by a Law Enforcement Agency




What does it mean to be identified as At-Risk?


Identified At-Risk youth will be screened by the SAFEPOLICY Screening Team for the

determination of available services.  For each youth screened, a case plan will be

developed and implemented according to the policy and purpose of the committee.

Each case plan will be developed to utilize all existing community resources in an effort

to reduce institutionalizations.  Each youth screening will be offered all services and

resources in accordance with the individual needs of the youth and family. 


The SHOCAP/SAFEPOLICY concept is driven by the timely exchange of information and organized cooperation of agencies.




SAFEPOLICY Program Description


SAFEPOLICY Program Historical Summary


Memorandum of Commitment


Howard Circuit Court Order Authorizing Information Exchange




Computer Network


What is an At-Risk Youth


What is the Early Intervention Team


Agency Responsibilities



Information Sharing Statutes