The Executive Board is the body which provides direction and support to the program.  While the chief executive officer of each agency is the actual representative to the board, it is more practical for each to appoint a member.  The selected members are to be top level managers in their respective agencies, traditionally, school principals, office managers, area heads, or division commanders.  The Board meets every other month.  The SHOCAP project director will co-chair the board with the chairperson of the SAFEPOLICY Screening Team.  A secretary will also be appointed.  The secretary will be responsible for keeping meeting notes and the mailing of the meeting announcements and agendas.  The board will resolve any policy issues, which are brought to their attention by vote. 




            The SAFEPOLICY Screening Team is the body which works on the at-risk list and discusses individual cases and action plans.  The agency executive board member selects the members of this board.  These members are the line staff of the involved agency.  The traditional members are vice or associate principals, school attendance personnel, school counselors, probation officers, and school resource police officers.  This body is the first line forum to exchange information.  The “at-risk” list is reviewed, individual cases are discussed, and referrals made to appropriate agencies.  Action plans designed for specific issues are outlined and enacted.  This team meets once on month excluding July.  The chairmanship of the board is the Chief Juvenile Probation Officer.  The chair will be responsible for the keeping of the minutes and mailing meeting agendas.  The chairperson will also co-chair the Executive Board meetings. 




            This team meets on a monthly basis.  The membership is made up of representatives of the Juvenile Justice System.  The team reviews actual candidates to be given SHOCAP status.  The team forms and implements the action plan for each SHO.  Members of this team meet with the SAFE Screening Team to exchange information and involve the other agencies in the action plans.  The team is also responsible for the forming of the SHO files with each agency contributing to the file.  The files are reviewed at each meeting and update assignments given.  This team also makes recommendations to the Executive Board for policy changes and criteria enhancement.  The team is chaired by the SHOCAP Project Director.


            The juvenile operations captain of the Kokomo Police Department shall serve as the SHOCAP Project Director.  The Project Director shall be responsible to produce and keep current the SHOCAP member list and disseminate it to member agencies.  The SHOCAP Project Director will also serve as the liaison with the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, United States Department of Justice and the appointed consulting agency for the program.


            Technical assistance offered by OJJDP or the project-consulting agency will be evaluated by the Screening Team and reviewed with approval by the SHOCAP Project Director. 



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