SHOCAP Tracker Program


In partnership with the Indiana Department of Correction, Community Corrections Grant Programs, the SHOCAP Tracker program was developed in 1998 to centralize the case management of the SHOCAP’s in the community.  The SHOCAP Tracker Program is designed to intensify community supervision by utilizing the SHOCAP/SAFEPOLICY network of agencies, hold the SHOCAP accountable for repetitive criminal behavior, offer each SHOCAP offender cognitive restructuring skills to develop competency and reduce commitments to the Department of Corrections. 


Once identified as a serious habitual offender and ordered into the SHOCAP Tracker Program, each SHO participates in an orientation program.  During the initial phases of the program, the SHOCAP wears an electronic anklet to easily identify whereabouts in the community.  A second electronic devise is utilized by the SHOCAP Tracker to ensure the SHO’s whereabouts during his probation period.  This devise can also be utilized by local law enforcement.  In addition to the tracking mechanisms, the SHO also participates in a day reporting therapeutic program based on cognitive skills. 


The SHO further attends quarterly review hearings of their probation terms.  At this review hearing, the SHO’s behavior is monitored by the Court with an increase in accountability or decrease in supervision levels occurring based upon the SHO’s progress. 


The SHOCAP Tracker program utilizes local sanctioning programs to address problematic behavior quickly, linking behavior to consequences immediately. 

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