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117 North Main Street
Room 108, Courthouse
Kokomo, IN 46901

Telephone: (765) 456-2220
Fax: (765) 456-7003

The Honorable David A. Cox
Judge David A. Cox
Welcome to Howard Superior Court III. My name is David A. Cox and I am the Judge of this Court.

The goal of Superior Court III is to serve Howard County by hearing cases in a timely manner and yet to give each case the care and consideration it deserves.

This Court is responsible for the handling of all driving offenses, all misdemeanor cases except for those involving drugs, all traffic infractions, and all small claim cases. In 2001, there were 1881 criminal cases, 4800 small claim cases and 7112 traffic infractions filed in this Court.

Superior Court III currently employs a Court Administrator, five Court Reporters, two Clerks and one Security Guard who are here to give prompt and courteous service to everyone.

You are invited to visit all our pages which will give a short description of our services. This Court is an "open Court". You are welcome to visit our Court at any time to watch the proceedings.

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